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Root Uninstaller is an app to uninstall (or freeze) any other app on your Android, even if it's installed by default or is a system app. That said, as the name indicates, you need a rooted device to use this feature.

Although the app is specially designed to work on rooted devices, it also has features for users who don't have superuser privileges. One of the most interesting is the option to delete applications by the batch, with just a tap on the screen. You can also manage all the APK files you have on the device's memory: delete, install, and install as a system app (only in the PRO version).

Root Uninstaller is an app that's especially useful for users with rooted devices, although it has interesting features for other users as well.
How to delete bloatware on Android without root access

One of the main headaches when it comes to using Android devices with an intrusive layer of customization revolves around the impossibility of uninstalling certain system apps. Although there are ways to hide them in the app drawer using custom launchers, most solutions come down to having administrator permission. Luckily, there's a completely effective way to delete any app without having to root your device. 
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